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Responsive Design

No matter what device you view boardclock on, it still looks great!


Fully Customizable

Change font sizes, colors and background images on your clock


Multiple Board Clocks

We’ll set you up with 1 free board clock to get you started


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Brand new Board Clock for digital signs and signage with customizable options

Boardclock was developed with the sole purpose of creating an elegant and simple solution for displaying a large clock while having the ability to choose your own options like sizing, colors and background images. Use Boardclock for just about any Digital Signage Software you choose,. Thanks to our hard work, BoardClock will always look great, regardless of the screen software.


Elegance meets functionality

With the ability to choose your own image by simply pasting a link to an image online with opaque colored overlays for the image and clock text, the opportunities to style are endless! Style your sign the way you want and set the mood on your terms.


We Use Google Fonts

With Google Fonts Integration, you have the ability to browse Google’s free online font directory to choose the fonts you want. With 902 font families to choose from, your sure to find one to fit your needs.

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A few things we’re great at

At Boardclock, we’re great and making tools that are easy to use and fully customizable and that’s why we made Boardclock. It was developed out of the pure joy of making things great.

Simple & Elegant

Quick and easy to manage and change settings

Supports Popular Web Browser

Support for Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and more

Responsive Design

No matter the device, the clock looks

Highly Customizable

Change font sizes, colors and background images

Multiple Board Clocks

1 free board clock to get you started

Premium Features

New features coming soon such as weather, rss and more

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Latest News

Boardclock is the ultimate companion to for users of Screenly & Screenly OSE on the Raspberry Pi. With Boardclock, you can quickly and easily customize your clock and add it to Screenly as a single slide! It’s elegant, fast and simple!


Thanks for taking the time to check out this exciting new product called BoardClock! If you’re interested in donating your time to further development of BoardClock, email me at or fill out the form below. Warmest Regards, Matt Moore | Founder & CEO | BoardClock